Salad/and overweight people!

Have you noticed how salads are everywhere? How people are eating salad everywhere? I look at people at restaurants eating a salad and I cannot help but see the obvious.  Most people eating salad are overweight! Maybe it’s the salad.
Actually it’s the culture. Salad is always a first course, thus we get salad as a starter and it’s what follows which gets us in trouble.  If the salad is not an appetizer it’s enhanced with combinations of meat or add ons which makes the dish unhealthy. 

What got me thinking of this yesterday was I saw two very overweight people at a restaurant eating salad for lunch. At first glance you would think they were doing the right thing.  Obviously they needed to lose weight, and the salad was a good choice; or was it?  It’s not a good choice when the serving size is HUGE!!!!!!

In our restaurants the salad as an entre is huge! So what looks like a good option, is really not helping.  What we need in life is smaller portions.  Rule number 1 of eating healthy should be smaller portions. Big salads don’t help you lose weight.  Eat less, live less.


About hamvelji

Have been promoting live less, do more since 1996. Changed my views as I became a parent and realized I could help the world by shaping my children's philosophy of life.
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One Response to Salad/and overweight people!

  1. lifessnap says:

    Or they’ll eat a salad with large portions, and use a ton of ranch, which is the worse dressing you can use.

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