2018 challenge of living less

This year the big challenge is to live with finite numbers of clothing.  I have always been living less, but still I have way too many clothes.  I also have many global trips in various climate situations, so designating a finite number of clothes required some thought.  However I will use get one, give one rule when and if I need another piece clothing.

So the break down is as follows.

12 shirts, which will include winter, summer and fall and a wedding later in the year.

10 pants, 4 shorts, 4 jackets, 8 t-shirts, 4 sweater including hoodie, 5 hats, and 6 pair of shoes and sandals.

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Unclear on the concept.

King of Saudi Arabia’s luggage

Apparently the King of Saudi Arabia is unclear on the concept of live less.  It is not hard to hate royalty and be against any form of royalty when they do things as such.


Starving children globally must ask themselves how can religion claim God exists. Any words out of this person’s mouth are useless.  There can be no significance when he insists he wants to help the world or he wants to help his people.

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Its doable.

So I went shopping like I do everyday, and today I picked up a steak, sweet potato, mushrooms and salad.  I also donated $1 to the feed the hungry campaign.  According to the program a $1 feeds four.

This created a great meal for two of us, plus we have mushrooms for omelets and roasted sweet potatoes and salad for another couple of meals. Now in America there is no reason for someone not to be able to shop everyday and buy just what they need.  Shop for food as needed, creates less waste.

So living healthy, cheap, and less is doable on a daily basis.


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One meal Tuesdays

Eat Less.  We can say it, we can even try it.  Can we sustain it?  In the Muslim religion part of the reason they fast at Ramadan is to understand what the less fortunate are going thru. It is not a bad idea, however like XMAS, Ramadan has also become polluted.  In most countries its 30 days of partying after sundown and gluttony.

However it would do all of us all good to go one day light.  I propose as I have been doing for the last few years having one day where you just have one meal.  I am not putting restrictions on the meal, but you will come to realize you can survive on one meal.  The secret for me, is to hydrate and stay busy. So my tuesday’s are my busy days, and my evening meal is my one meal.

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Weekly Giveaway

2017 I am starting a weekly giveaway.  I own too many clothes and shoes, even thou I have followed the get one give one policy.  I get too many gifts an there is too many pieces from the past.  This xmas I got more clothes and I gave to charity but I think we can all do this.

Lets create a credit for 52 weeks of this year.  Give away more than you receive.  This includes all clothes, shoes and jewelry.

I am going to give away stuff every Friday and track it on the facebook page.  Come join the movement.  Give away at least one piece of clothing each Friday.  You can post your contribution on the Liveless facebook page as well.


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The word is small!!!

In 2017 the word is small. If you want to live less in 2017, think small.  At restaurants order small.  At coffee shop order small.  Small means less consumption.  Small means smaller servings, which is probably better for your health.

The liveless word for the year is small, and as such we will blog small.


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Third world countries

I just spent a month in a third world type situation. I don’t think Mexico is quite third world but its not first. What I found so unique and beautiful about living a month in Mexico is life is generally healthy and naturally designed to be lived less. Its capitalism and corporations who change it to become the gross consumptive cycle it is here in America.
Unfortunately in Mexico they are trying to become like America, thus their health will deteriorate and life will become more stressed and happiness will become an unreachable ideal.

So the common wisdom was I would gain a lot of weight being away on vacation for a month. Most Americans who go to Mexico stay at all inclusive resorts and gain weight.
I stayed away from the resorts and lived basically the life of a local. I ate at local places where the food was always fresh. I walked everywhere. In my regular life here, I barely walk three miles a day, in Mexico I was averaging 6 to 10 miles a day. My meals were small, because in local places in Mexico, they serve small servings.

I was eating more fruit, drinking more water, and generally wasting less resources. It was the norm. However all around me the changes were happening and Mexico was trying to become like America. They opened a Krispy Kreme while I was there. Who needs a donut?

I wish the countries like Mexico realize not everything in America is great. Yes you should try to eliminate corruption and create safe environments, but lets not lose local traditions. Lets impose the small servings on the tourists, lets make them walk more, lets not bring western food into our streets.

Those who live in resorts don’t experience Mexico, they are just living away from home for a week, with the same standards as home. Its not Mexico.

I personally came back with weight loss, and a renewed nostalgia of how the world use to be. I hope to continue the routine I had in Mexico. Healthier, fresher foods, and small servings.

And the most amazing thing, no fast food!!!!!

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Why do we have do many clothes? I look at my wife’s closet and I cannot fathom her wedding all these clothes on one year.  Yet she and my daughter’s keep buying clothes on a weekly basis.  How did our society get here. 
I can state I don’t need another piece of clothing ever. 
Even if I do, it would be because a piece is worn out and discarded.  If you are like me, you are finding even with this rule, I don’t need replacements.  I have too many clothes.
I haven’t bought clothing in years and yet I still have suits and shirts I haven’t worn in years. 
Something must change in our society and I have no idea how to do it.  What programmed my wife and then my kids into buying clothes all the time, is the program I need to eliminate. 
Ask yourself how important is the piece of clothing you haven’t worn in years?

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Smaller Dishware/ Less Dishware

One of the things which really bothers me about the Western world and now slowly the rest of the world is the size of dishes and cups, and glasses.  There is a need to go big.  Just look at the fast food restaurants and how they promote grande or super size.

If you look in your cupboards you will find large mugs and larger glasses. I have hated these things.  It makes you consume more and forces you to consume more.  You are not going to give a guest a half a glass of water or a plate which looks half empty.   What I have suggested before and what I like to use myself is small glasses, smaller cups and small dishes.  No one in the western world is stopping you from seconds, but at least you do not waste food and water.

The other thing which I have recently noticed is the number of dishes and cups in a house hold.  One of our daughters is moving away and so our house is getting a little emptier.  However the dishes are the same to wash?   I think if you only reduce the number of dishes and cutlery and glasses and cups in rotation in a house, you will have less dishes to do, thus less use of resources, and you will probably never have a chance for dishes to pile up.  Why do we have 20 cups when there are only four people in the house?

So four people in the house, four sets of everything…thats it!!!!!You can have more for when the guests come, but those should not be in the cupboard or in a rotation.  Is it possible?  I think so, but you have to have everyone in the family on board.  It sure would cut down on the dishes.


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Smaller Portions at Grocery Stores.

I know I have talked about this before, but its so obvious.  In our society in America we need smaller portions.  If we associated our eating habits with smaller portions we may change our health and environment.

Restaurants feel they must give us big for the price.  Currently McDonalds is offering a triple burger for $2. A triple burger!!!! I am not going to rehash the same arguments about large portions in restaurants, what I want to discuss is the portion sizes in grocery stores.

I shop daily, its one of my principles.  I don’t need to buy to stock my pantry.  However I am finding it extremely hard to buy portions designed for small consumption.  Everything from salad to meat is packaged for family consumption, but how big are these families?

It would be nice to find a line of products in all parts of the store promoting LESS.  I am willing to give a store my brand, if it helps them create a smaller portions.  

LESS brand in grocery would be ideal for singles, seniors, and LESS followers.  It would help many with their overeating. 

I know in my house it would stop the leftovers we have all the time.  Its not because we are cooking large, its we have no choice.

Daily shopping had been great, now I just hope I start seeing smaller portions…..

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