Pepsi Mini

Is somebody out there finally reading this blog and our website?  We had promoted the idea of smaller servings decades ago.  Now all of a sudden they are promoting smaller cans of soda!   Wow!  Unfortunately I don’t drink pepsi, but I will support the mini.

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Salad/and overweight people!

Have you noticed how salads are everywhere? How people are eating salad everywhere? I look at people at restaurants eating a salad and I cannot help but see the obvious.  Most people eating salad are overweight! Maybe it’s the salad.
Actually it’s the culture. Salad is always a first course, thus we get salad as a starter and it’s what follows which gets us in trouble.  If the salad is not an appetizer it’s enhanced with combinations of meat or add ons which makes the dish unhealthy. 

What got me thinking of this yesterday was I saw two very overweight people at a restaurant eating salad for lunch. At first glance you would think they were doing the right thing.  Obviously they needed to lose weight, and the salad was a good choice; or was it?  It’s not a good choice when the serving size is HUGE!!!!!!

In our restaurants the salad as an entre is huge! So what looks like a good option, is really not helping.  What we need in life is smaller portions.  Rule number 1 of eating healthy should be smaller portions. Big salads don’t help you lose weight.  Eat less, live less.

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I had that for Lunch!

How many times have you heard the phrase “…but I had that for lunch.”?  I heard it the other day and realized how stupid that sounds.

We in the western privileged world think if we have spaghetti for lunch we shouldn’t have it for dinner.   How absurd do you think that sounds to the starving.  Does a child in Sudan refuse his bowl of gruel because he has had it for the last year everyday?  Is that a good reason to refuse it? 

I may have said it once in my  life, but will never say it again.  In context of the starvation of humans on this planet I do not believe we have a right to reject food, because of our vainness.  I don’t like tomatoes, I had that for lunch, I don’t eat port, I am a vegetarian, I only eat meat, I don’t like spicy food, I don’t eat fried foods, I don’t like seafood…ect….


As my grandfather use to say, indians eat curry everyday, italians eat pasta every day, so shut up and be glad you eat every day.


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Happy Wednesday to you all, hope all your wednesday wishes came true.  I was very happy yesterday, because for the first time in years our house had a sensible xmas.  Perhaps its because we are short one person this year, but all our gifts were very thoughtful and concrete.  We had very little gifts, in quantity but each one of us got everything we really wanted.  

What made it great for me was our kids didn’t lament the lack of gifts, but actually appreciated the fact they got the one real gift they wanted.   What amazes me the most is we could have afforded a lot of gifts this year, but for some reason the household decided to live less without me harping about it.

We also made those coming to our house for a party bring clothes and such to give to the needy as their entry fee.  So the safe house here received a large donation.

Now i can kind of appreciate the holiday.


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Buffet Conundrum

Here is my issue with Buffets; they are the antithesis of living less.  The mass quantity of food in a world where hundreds of thousands of kids go to sleep hungry is obscene.  The waste of the food, as consumers go and try to inhale all their eyes see and nose smell.  Do you find yourself eating too much at Buffets?  Does your mind feel it needs to get its moneys worth by making more than one trip to the buffet?

The idea of consuming more, having more and displaying more is against all Live Less stands for.  If you are consuming more than you normally would then its wrong.  If there is more waste then its wrong.  I would love to find out if buffets waste more food or less than regular places.  How many plates in the western world go back with food in them in regular restaurants?

So whats the conundrum? Buffets Bad!  Well when my children were little I liked taking them to the buffet, because I could control the portion and they never wasted food.  They took what they could eat only. I found it was better place for me, because I too controlled what I ate, however most people will find controlling their intake at buffets as hard as quitting cigarettes.  If you can control your intake, then buffets could be a better solution?  It still bothers me that we have buffets when people go hungry, but I am stuck on this topic.  I don’t know whether I need to condemn buffets or support buffets.

Fortunately I rarely end up in a situation of going to a buffet, and my children have grown up and choose their own way.  I did appreciate buffets when they were young.  

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Learning to live less, means being committed to call out brash commercialism of causes and charities.

From another blog.
Bah humbug!!!

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Cooking Less

We have already talked about eating less, and having restaurants serving less, but now we need to mention cooking less.

As our household goes we seem to always have leftovers, and most times they get eaten, but I am making a conscience effort to cook less food each day.  Its better we run out of food then always have extra.   Because at some point the extra is going to get thrown out.  So the ideal would be to shop small, cook small and throw nothing out.  This not only helps the world but the financials of the household.  It may sound like an easy thing but try it out.   Cook less and waste less, eat less.


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Poor Pledge/ Entitlements

Have you been reading about all these rich Billionaire’s pledging to give half their fortune away.  Half, why do they need the other half; to pay the devil after death to get out of hell?
What a bunch of huey?  Its like they want us to give them a Nobel peace prize for giving away half of what they stole. And the way the Nobel committee has been acting, they will probably get it. They made money on the backs of the poor and the earth.  Its a given they should give it back.  They shouldn’t have to pledge to give it back.  We shouldn’t have to applaud them. 

The fallacy is America is the entitlements are all for the poor.  The reality is there are two classes of entitlements.  The poor, and the rich.  The rich are costing us more than the poor in the entitlements they get out of our society.  Take the health care act.  The rich use the medical for procedures which cost upwards of a million dollars.  (i.e. heart surgery)  However i bet they never pay the price, instead they pay insurance which uses the pool we contribute to.  Thus the poor are funding Bill Clinton’s heart bypass.  I don’t want to pay for that.  How about he pays the real value since he can afford it, and I pay the real value of three stitches, instead of the $1500 they bill my health care.

I don’t fly private planes, or ride in limos or jet around everyday.  I don’t live in abodes which are taxing our resources in energy.  So why should I applaud your need to give back.  How about you stop living your way.  It would be cheaper on us all.

I pledge to take half and more if they so desire of their money and to pledge to live as they do.  In big houses; fly private planes; buy expensive food; use up all the resources and then do a little charity work to feel less guilty.  I pledge to create companies who will make more money for the executives and management while taxing all the resources of the world.

Please you want to help the world, live less.  How simple can it be?  Ask yourself how big your house is?  How many cars and toys do you have?  How your work actually perpetuates the cycle of consumerism and how you are not really setting any examples.
I applaud their endeavors of philanthropy but am not ready to give them a standing ovation because they now want to pledge to give some back.  

So join in by signing a pledge to spend all their money for them with the example they have set for us.  Get my limo, and the bottled water, I am off on a private plane to save the environment and lunch with Al Gore.

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food waste

food waste

Heres a pic of a garbage can in my produce department. The store was throwing all this food out. They won’t give it to you or even sell it to you.
How can a society get to a stage where stores throw food away because its easier or legally safer then giving it away or discounting it. This is whats wrong with the more world.

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Cars are an interesting dilemma for live less.  Preferably you would want to avoid cars and use public transportation because its saves the environment.  Less waste, less pollution, less consumption of resources ect….

However you can’t live in this world without cars.  So what should be our criteria.

One it should be small.  No fudging on that.  No one needs a hummer. No city dweller needs a F150.

Second it should give great mileage.  Electric yeah, but not quite sure where electricity is coming from.

I am open to more thoughts and suggestions, but at this moment all i know for a fact is buying 100k cars is not living less.

Here is a story on a possible solution.

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