Weekly Giveaway

2017 I am starting a weekly giveaway.  I own too many clothes and shoes, even thou I have followed the get one give one policy.  I get too many gifts an there is too many pieces from the past.  This xmas I got more clothes and I gave to charity but I think we can all do this.

Lets create a credit for 52 weeks of this year.  Give away more than you receive.  This includes all clothes, shoes and jewelry.

I am going to give away stuff every Friday and track it on the facebook page.  Come join the movement.  Give away at least one piece of clothing each Friday.  You can post your contribution on the Liveless facebook page as well.



About hamvelji

Have been promoting live less, do more since 1996. Changed my views as I became a parent and realized I could help the world by shaping my children's philosophy of life.
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