Third world countries

I just spent a month in a third world type situation. I don’t think Mexico is quite third world but its not first. What I found so unique and beautiful about living a month in Mexico is life is generally healthy and naturally designed to be lived less. Its capitalism and corporations who change it to become the gross consumptive cycle it is here in America.
Unfortunately in Mexico they are trying to become like America, thus their health will deteriorate and life will become more stressed and happiness will become an unreachable ideal.

So the common wisdom was I would gain a lot of weight being away on vacation for a month. Most Americans who go to Mexico stay at all inclusive resorts and gain weight.
I stayed away from the resorts and lived basically the life of a local. I ate at local places where the food was always fresh. I walked everywhere. In my regular life here, I barely walk three miles a day, in Mexico I was averaging 6 to 10 miles a day. My meals were small, because in local places in Mexico, they serve small servings.

I was eating more fruit, drinking more water, and generally wasting less resources. It was the norm. However all around me the changes were happening and Mexico was trying to become like America. They opened a Krispy Kreme while I was there. Who needs a donut?

I wish the countries like Mexico realize not everything in America is great. Yes you should try to eliminate corruption and create safe environments, but lets not lose local traditions. Lets impose the small servings on the tourists, lets make them walk more, lets not bring western food into our streets.

Those who live in resorts don’t experience Mexico, they are just living away from home for a week, with the same standards as home. Its not Mexico.

I personally came back with weight loss, and a renewed nostalgia of how the world use to be. I hope to continue the routine I had in Mexico. Healthier, fresher foods, and small servings.

And the most amazing thing, no fast food!!!!!


About hamvelji

Have been promoting live less, do more since 1996. Changed my views as I became a parent and realized I could help the world by shaping my children's philosophy of life.
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