Smaller Portions at Grocery Stores.

I know I have talked about this before, but its so obvious.  In our society in America we need smaller portions.  If we associated our eating habits with smaller portions we may change our health and environment.

Restaurants feel they must give us big for the price.  Currently McDonalds is offering a triple burger for $2. A triple burger!!!! I am not going to rehash the same arguments about large portions in restaurants, what I want to discuss is the portion sizes in grocery stores.

I shop daily, its one of my principles.  I don’t need to buy to stock my pantry.  However I am finding it extremely hard to buy portions designed for small consumption.  Everything from salad to meat is packaged for family consumption, but how big are these families?

It would be nice to find a line of products in all parts of the store promoting LESS.  I am willing to give a store my brand, if it helps them create a smaller portions.  

LESS brand in grocery would be ideal for singles, seniors, and LESS followers.  It would help many with their overeating. 

I know in my house it would stop the leftovers we have all the time.  Its not because we are cooking large, its we have no choice.

Daily shopping had been great, now I just hope I start seeing smaller portions…..


About hamvelji

Have been promoting live less, do more since 1996. Changed my views as I became a parent and realized I could help the world by shaping my children's philosophy of life.
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