Poor Pledge/ Entitlements

Have you been reading about all these rich Billionaire’s pledging to give half their fortune away.  Half, why do they need the other half; to pay the devil after death to get out of hell?
What a bunch of huey?  Its like they want us to give them a Nobel peace prize for giving away half of what they stole. And the way the Nobel committee has been acting, they will probably get it. They made money on the backs of the poor and the earth.  Its a given they should give it back.  They shouldn’t have to pledge to give it back.  We shouldn’t have to applaud them. 

The fallacy is America is the entitlements are all for the poor.  The reality is there are two classes of entitlements.  The poor, and the rich.  The rich are costing us more than the poor in the entitlements they get out of our society.  Take the health care act.  The rich use the medical for procedures which cost upwards of a million dollars.  (i.e. heart surgery)  However i bet they never pay the price, instead they pay insurance which uses the pool we contribute to.  Thus the poor are funding Bill Clinton’s heart bypass.  I don’t want to pay for that.  How about he pays the real value since he can afford it, and I pay the real value of three stitches, instead of the $1500 they bill my health care.

I don’t fly private planes, or ride in limos or jet around everyday.  I don’t live in abodes which are taxing our resources in energy.  So why should I applaud your need to give back.  How about you stop living your way.  It would be cheaper on us all.

I pledge to take half and more if they so desire of their money and to pledge to live as they do.  In big houses; fly private planes; buy expensive food; use up all the resources and then do a little charity work to feel less guilty.  I pledge to create companies who will make more money for the executives and management while taxing all the resources of the world.

Please you want to help the world, live less.  How simple can it be?  Ask yourself how big your house is?  How many cars and toys do you have?  How your work actually perpetuates the cycle of consumerism and how you are not really setting any examples.
I applaud their endeavors of philanthropy but am not ready to give them a standing ovation because they now want to pledge to give some back.  

So join in by signing a pledge to spend all their money for them with the example they have set for us.  Get my limo, and the bottled water, I am off on a private plane to save the environment and lunch with Al Gore.


About hamvelji

Have been promoting live less, do more since 1996. Changed my views as I became a parent and realized I could help the world by shaping my children's philosophy of life.
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